Shanice Naidoo
1 minute read
11 Apr 2016
3:34 pm

Suspected drug dealer ‘lies’ about hijacking

Shanice Naidoo

The suspect lost his car in an apparent drug deal gone wrong and reported a hijacking with police.

Image credit: ThinkStock

A Nigerian national and suspected drug dealer is expected to appear in a Johannesburg court soon following his arrest for perjury and defeating the ends of justice.

According to Parkview police’s Social Crime Prevention head, Sergeant Iris Phoko, the man was arrested last week after he had reported his car stolen, Rosebank Killarney Gazette reported.

He told police he had been hijacked along Greenway and Muirfield Road in the Parkview area of Johannesburg.

While investigating the “suspicious hijacking” police discovered the man had allegedly lied about the hijacking.

“While investigating, [police] found that the complainant had allegedly been conducting a drop-off containing drugs when the deal allegedly went wrong. The guys he was allegedly delivering the drugs to got away with the drugs as well as the car used to drop off the drugs,” explained Phoko.

After discovering the case had been allegedly falsified, the man was detained at the Parkview Police Station.

Phoko said the further investigations into the matter were underway.

– Caxton News Service