Steven Tau and Travis Carlyle
1 minute read
31 Mar 2016
12:45 pm

‘Parliament must dissolve, remove Zuma’

Steven Tau and Travis Carlyle

"Zuma Will not be allowed to even speak in Parliament... South Africa listen to the EFF," said Malema.

EFF leader Julius Malema. Photo: Gallo Images / Beeld / Felix Dlangamandla

President Jacob Zuma’s journey ends here. This is the view of EFF leader Julius Malema who was responding to the Constitutional Court ruling on the Nkandla matter.

He said they will use practical steps to remove Zuma if he fail to step down.

“South Africa must take charge now.

“Zuma Will not be allowed to even speak in Parliament… South Africa listen to the EFF,” Malema said.

Malema moved further to say that the Parliament in power of South Africa has failed its people and that early elections are required in this situation.

“We must persuade Parliament to disolve… it has failed to uphold the constitution. Jacob Zuma is no longer the President, he is a crook!”

Malema again asserted that President Zuma is not worthy of being listened to, stating that everyone in South Africa, all its people and parties, must come together “in defence of the constitution”.

“Let business join, let unions join. Let us get out of our comfort zones and demand the removal of Jacob Zuma. Combine resources, both financial and human, to mobilise the necessary strength to remove Zuma. The ANC will not do it, Parliament will not do it without pressure from people on the ground. That pressure is needed for South Africa.

“The judgment shows that all is not lost. The ruling seeks to save the constitution of South Africa. Noncompliance will mean a deceleration of a constitutional crisis.”