Family await young mum’s postmortem results

Photo: Thinkstock.

Photo: Thinkstock.

The family believes the postmorterm will prove that she died due to negligence by hospital staff.

The family of Emelda Modicka, the expectant mother who died under mysterious circumstances at the maternity ward of Durban’s RK Khan earlier this month, is awaiting the postmortem results.

The family believes the results will prove that she died due to negligence by hospital staff, Rising Sun Chatsworth reported.

Faik Modicka, the woman’s distraught husband, claims his late wife, 22 and eight-month-old unborn baby died as a result of negligence by staff at the local hospital, who allegedly mistook water in her lungs for her being in labour.

“Seeing my baby for the first time in her tiny coffin was something that will always bring tears to my eyes. The nature of their deaths are surprising and we await the post mortem results before proceeding with further action against the hospital,” added Modicka.

The postmortem results of the 22-year-old mother are expected to be released during the first week in April.

– Caxton News Service

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