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3 Mar 2016
6:18 pm

Body found in Northcliff Ecopark

Caxton News Service

Police are investigating a suicide case after a man jumped to his death at the Northcliff Ridge Ecopark.

Sophiatown Police have opened an inquest docket after a man jumped to his death off the hill at Northcliff Ridge Ecopark on 2 March.

Spokesperson for the Sophiatown Police Station Warrant Officer TJ De Bruyn said that details were sketchy at this point but confirmed that the man had left a suicide note in his car prior to allegedly jumping off the cliff.

“The man cannot be named at this stage as his next of kin has not yet been notified,” WO De Bruyn said.

He added that after a tip off police began searching for the man’s body which was found at the bottom of the cliffs in the early hours of the morning.

Concerned resident Elma Coetzee said that she had heard helicopters hovering over the park at around two am but only found out about the suicide in the morning.

“Last year January there was also a girl who fell from the cliffs after taking photos,” she said.

She added that residents should be cautious when climbing the cliffs as they were very dangerous.

More details to follow.

Details: Sophiatown Police Station, 011 670 6300

Courtesy Northcliff Melville Times

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