Mathilde Myburgh
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3 Mar 2016
2:05 pm

Woman, family ‘assaulted and called k-word’

Mathilde Myburgh

“Bystanders tried to help us, but they were also attacked and we were all called k*****s,”

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Police are investigating a case of assault after a woman and two family members were allegedly assaulted and called k*****s by three men in Roodepoort, on the West Rand, at the weekend.

Lerato Nakedi, 25, said she, her younger brother and a male cousin drove into a filling station on Ouklip Road at around 7:30pm on Sunday, Roodepoort Record reported.

The trio parked Nakedi’s vehicle in a disabled parking space to quickly run into the shop, which she admits was an error on her part.

A silver VW Polo with three white male occupants then parked next to Nakedi. One of the occupants motioned for her to roll her window down and proceeded to ask her whether she was disabled, as she had parked in a bay reserved for the disabled.

This was followed by a back-and-forth between Nakedi and the man in which insults were allegedly hurled.

“My brother, getting tired of the whole ordeal, from the passenger seat next to me then told the man ‘yes’, hoping he’d leave us alone,” Nakedi said.

“The next moment, the driver of the Polo exited his vehicle, walked over to my brother and slapped him,” she said.

Nakedi tried to intervene and prevent a fight, but was then allegedly also attacked with all three occupants of the other vehicle getting involved.

“Bystanders tried to help us, but they were also attacked and we were all called ‘k*****s’,” Lerato said.

The three men allegedly continued assaulting the trio, after which they sped off in the Polo.

Bystanders helped the family contact the Roodepoort Police, who arrived to take statements.

Police spokesperson Warrant Officer Karen Jacobs confirmed that a case of assault was subsequently opened.

The investigation is in its initial stages and being handled by Roodepoort detectives.

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