Get tough on rogue road users

Get tough on rogue road users

Very few things are taken more for granted than the gift of arriving at a destination when using our roads.

Especially long journeys: using the N1, N2 and N3 is a spectacle of the great roads we enjoy, but also a risk that could give you sleepless nights. The horror accidents are frightening and every holiday period sees the same spike in road deaths.

Fatigue, carelessness and unroadworthy vehicles plague the long-haul routes. Add to that the local cultural middle finger to the law and sanctity of life – drunken driving and speeding – and you have a cocktail of disaster. We call on the metro police and police to be as visible as possible this festive season; to be as efficient as possible and strict as possible.

However, this is a big country, and there will be stretches of road where innocent families will come within a whisker – or worse – of self-centered would-be murderers operating vehicles as if they were toys. Accidents can’t always be predicted. However, what we can control is the amount of people breaking the law, increasing the risk of death.

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