Crooked cops just tip of the iceberg

Yesterday’s arrest of two high-ranking members of the Hawks for alleged involvement in crimes the notorious Czech fugitive Radovan Krejcir has been connected with further damages the image of our troubled police.

There have always been suspicions that Krejcir, who has been linked to a string of underworld activities, wouldn’t have been able to keep the long arm of the¬†law at bay for years without the assistance of top police officers.

Prior to his arrest it was revealed that a Germiston organised crime unit boss took a loan from a company associated with him.

The arrest of two officers buries any doubts that a few rotten apples in the SAPS might have helped the controversial businessman evade justice. These arrests come at a time when the public’s confidence in the police is at an all-time low because of a series of damaging scandals the service is entangled in.

The embattled institution has seen a police chief being convicted and sentenced to jail for corruption and his successor being fired for procurement irregularities. The police service is yet to recover from the reputational damage caused by the conviction of Jackie Selebi, who was jailed for accepting massive bribes from drug dealer Glenn Agliotti in exchange for showing him top secret police reports.

Of course not all police officers are corrupt crooks.

There are still a few dedicated and hard-working cops who daily put their lives on the line to protect citizens of this country. However a crime fighting system in which it is relatively easy for mafia bosses to have high-ranking police officers on their payroll is rotten to the core.

The Krejcir and Agliotti stories reveal the disheartening reality that the SAPS has been infiltrated by sophisticated criminal syndicates.

This is a crisis that warrants urgent intervention.


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