Baby DJ puts doubters in spin

Baby DJ puts doubters in spin

Critics and doubting Thomases should leave young Oratilwe alone.

South Africans are generally difficult to please. However, we find it hard to believe some people do not appreciate the accomplishments of children.

A good example is the scepticism triggered by three-year-old DJ Oratilwe Hlongwane, the youngest winner of South Africa’s Got Talent. Soon after he had been declared the winner, pictures were circulated online by a bunch of whingers who were not convinced.

They claimed the toddler had played a prerecorded mix in his performance. This prompted the youngster’s dad to defend his son’s credibility. One of the primary responsibilities of parents is to provide a safe haven for their children, where they are free to explore and pursue success.

This is what Oratilwe’s parents did. Instead of criticising, responsible moms and dads should emulate Oratilwe’s parents and nurture their own children’s talent. Children will only learn to see the beauty of their world when they are safe from humiliation and unwarranted criticism.

Those people not inspired by this child’s achievement will never be motivated by anything. However, critics and doubting Thomases should leave young Oratilwe alone.


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