No good stories about SA crime

Police commissioner Riah Phiyega. Picture: Refilwe Modise

Police commissioner Riah Phiyega. Picture: Refilwe Modise

Statistics are seen in two ways: either they are true, devoid of emotion, or they are numbers which can be manipulated and analysed in a certain way to tell a certain story.

The police ministry and police commissioner want us to view the latest crime statistics as the truth, except they are analysing them to tell their own good story.

Even if crime numbers are down over a 10-year period, the fact that violent crime and hijackings have increased is enough to raise the alarm. Most people reading this will be fearful of something, but all of us are terrified at the prospect of being shot to death for a wallet, phone or car. Violent crime is out of control and criminals are acting with impunity.

There really is no point in telling a country held to ransom by thugs that there is a good story to tell.


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