Latest massacre won’t be the last

As experts and ordinary citizens try to digest the shocking new details that keep emerging of last month’s massacre at a Kenyan shopping centre, terrorists have struck again in another African country.

On Sunday, Boko Haram militants in Nigeria murdered 19 motorists on a highway near the border with Cameroon.

From the details known so far, it would seem that just like the Al-Shabaab attack in Nairobi, this was a case of cold-blooded, pre-meditated murder.

Five of the dead were shot, while the rest were hacked to death.

The Westgate Mall attack may have received a lot of media attention, but similarly gruesome and senseless killings of civilians take place on a regular basis in too many parts of the continent.

To blame are always extremist groups that manage to cause death, destruction and suffering on a scale far greater than their usually dimunitive size would suggest.

This should serve as a reminder and warning for all countries on the continent to be ever-vigilant and to nip in the bud the growth of prospective terrorist groups, no matter how small they may seem to be at the moment.

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