ANC response to billboards is silly

Not many people could have been surprised when it was revealed that the DA was behind the billboards thanking the ANC for bringing e-tolling to Gauteng’s roads.

It was a creative idea that got a lot of attention, but it is doubtful that it accomplished anything of consequence. Who, after all, was not aware that e-tolls were “conceived under the watch of an ANC minister, supported by an ANC executive … passed into law by an ANC-majority Parliament and signed, sealed and delivered by an ANC president”, as the DA’s Mmusi Maimane put it?

Good marketing exercise? Yes. Will it win more votes for the DA? Probably not. But the reaction from the ANC just might do that. Yesterday Transport Minister Dipuo Peters slammed the billboards as the work of cowards, erected by people “who don’t have the decency to actually acknowledge what the ANC government has delivered in this country”.

This is a bizarre response. The DA’s billboards are very much about something the ANC has delivered to the people: e-tolling. If the party is embarrassed by this fact, nothing is preventing it from putting a stop to the whole thing.

Peters should not be surprised either that the DA would focus on the negative things the ANC government has accomplished this is after all one of the roles of an opposition party.

Saying that people who engage in “gimmicks” like this don’t have a place in South Africa shows both intolerance and ignorance.

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