Zuma’s Gospel is balderdash

Although Jacob Zuma is supposedly an honorary pastor, having been ordained under controversial circumstances at a meeting of independent charismatic churches at Ntuzuma, KwaZulu-Natal, in 2007, it is not clear under what authority he made his latest statements on behalf of God.

According to the Pretoria News, Zuma told the Presbyterian Synod in Giyani, Limpopo, on Sunday that God does not want them to insult leaders. “If you don’t respect those in leadership, if you don’t respect authority then you are bordering on a curse.

“Whether we like it or not, God has made a connection between the government and the church. That’s why he says you, as a church, should pray for it.” These pronouncements from a man who once said the ANC would rule until Jesus returned are presumed to be directed at the youngsters, led by Julius Malema, who have been vocal in criticising him.

Zuma is wasting his time with this balderdash. No one believes he has a hotline to the Almighty. Even the Full Gospel Church, under whose roof he was supposedly ordained, long ago distanced itself from that ceremony.

Standing in front of a congregation, chameleon Zuma may adopt the phraseology and intonations of a man of the cloth, but the content is discredited by his lifestyle.

Here is a polygamist who has children in and out of wedlock, who enriches himself and his family at the expense of the poor, and who avoids, at great cost to the nation, the opportunity to speak the truth in court.

And we have barely started on the list of indiscretions. Zuma will continue to be insulted for as long as people can think for themselves. The Gospel according to Jacob falls on deaf ears.

today in print

today in print