State security not protecting us

Our Ministry of State Security, led by a man who didn’t know his wife was a drug dealer, has scoffed at claims that South Africa could be a target for Al-Shabaab terrorists. Should we feel reassured by such statements?

Do our security services know what is going on? The answer to both questions is no. If Al-Shabaab and its friends in al-Qaeda do not attack targets in South Africa, this will not be because of sterling work by Siyabonga Cwele’s department.

Just the opposite in fact. Because security here is so slack, and facilities such as banking relatively good, South Africa is a perfect haven for terror groups to recruit, train, plan, and arrange their finances.

Armed with new-look, “tamper-proof” South African passports, terrorists can move about at will.

They would not want to disrupt these convenient arrangements. Any related terror attacks that do take place will be carefully directed at, for example, Israeli or US interests here, probably in retaliation for acts by these powers.

The Planet Hollywood attack after a US strike in the Sudan is an example. If you sleep easy, don’t thank Cwele.

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