Nkandla: turning up the gas

A view of President Jacob Zuma's homestead Nkandla in KwaZulu-Natal. Picture: AFP.

President Jacob Zuma mocked people a while back for going on and on about Nkandla.

He could not understand why so many people were making so much noise about one man’s house. It would take a superbly gifted spin doctor to try relieve the president of the pressure.

By opening access to Nkandla and showing it is not the palatial paradise the public thought it was – with an upgrade price tag of R246 million it’s no surprise this was the feeling – the powers that be have not deflected the attention, they have turned up the gas.

Yes, clearly there was serious corruption in inflated prices, but surely anyone with common sense would have picked up that what was delivered and what was paid for are light years apart. It does not matter if you asked for it – the money was signed off to pay for it.

The scandal has gone from highlighting an arrogant emperor, milking the populace for a life of luxury, to a naive leader and an inner circle who thought gross mismanagement of public funds could be deflected with a video presentation.

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