Hail Cheetahs, go Bulls

No South African sports team should ever be content with losing. Nor should we be too fulsome in praising sides that come off second best.

However, the Cheetahs surely deserve some commendation for their performance in this year’s Super Rugby tournament. For the first time since the inception of Super Rugby, they reached the play-offs. And yesterday morning, in a cold and forbidding Canberra stadium in Australia’s Capital Territory, they came within a whisker of upsetting Jake White’s Brumbies.

There is no disgrace in going down 15-13 in an away game of such intensity.  They impressed by scoring two tries while not allowing the Brumbies to cross the white line, but the penalty count was against them.

Well done, Cheetahs. Better luck next time.

As a reward for their victory the Brumbies travel to Pretoria to take on the Bulls in a semifinal at Loftus. White – the Brumbies’ World Cup winning coach –   will need all his South African wiles to emerge victorious from that fortress of blue fervour.

The Cheetahs have done their country proud, but next weekend the Bulls must go one better.


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