Perhaps it is time for Cyril

Re-electing a president who is already 72 was always going to carry inherent risks.

When Jacob Zuma reached his biblical three score years and 10 (plus two) on April 12, many ANC insiders already knew of his health problems.

According to the weekend press, both his diabetes and heart condition had been under discussion. Last year family members in KwaZulu-Natal reportedly suggested he might step down before his second term was completed.

During last week’s State of the Nation address there was legitimate concern about the state of the president. Much thinner and speaking in a weak voice, he did not look good – despite ANC protestations that he was much be er than he had been at a recent national executive committee lekgotla.

This country faces immense challenges, requiring the full attention of vigorous, focused leadership. In recent weeks Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa has received considerable media coverage, including a couple of in-depth interviews.

At all times he has appeared presidential, even when jesting that the presidency he aspires to is that of his local golf club. Zuma, who once said he would serve only one term, should consider making way for the 61-year-old.

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