Who’s calling Zelda a liar?

Nelson Mandela’s former personal assistant Zelda la Grange’s revelations in her memoirs due to be released this week will surprise very few people.

After all, most of the sensational new details in her book have been in the public domain since long before the global icon died. Despite the Mandela family’s persistent denials, South Africa and the world knew before Madiba’s passing about the bitter family conflicts that erupted before he died. As well as those after his death.

The humiliation his wife Graca Machel was subjected to by some family members when Madiba was on his deathbed is well documented.

Mandela’s eldest daughter, Makaziwe, who is at the centre of the family feud and power struggles, has since threatened legal action against La Grange. However, this is an exercise in futility. Makaziwe is in all likelihood destined to lose this battle. La Grange was Mandela’s trusted aide who spent almost two decades with the late statesman.

It is highly unlikely that whatever comes out of her mouth can be without any credibility.

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today in print