Juju changes tune now he is an MP

He has been a member of Parliament for just days, but Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema has already broken a string of his promises.

On his election campaign in the run-up to the May 7 elections, Malema was very vocal in his condemnation of the perks given to ministers, including housing and cars and free flights. Now that his party has 25 MPs and several members of provincial legislature (MPLs) in all provinces, Malema, who has not turned down the nearly R1 million salary he will earn as an MP, is singing a different tune.

“If we come into Parliament where houses are being provided for MPs and then we decide not to go and stay in those houses, that would be wasteful expenditure because they would be empty, unoccupied by members of EFF even when government has paid.”

As Malema has found out, it is far too easy to come up with an impressive list of promises. However, most of these are just hot air that vanishes soon after voters have made their mark.

Malema is very lucky, because voters in this country do not punish those who make promises they can’t honour. If this were the case, the ANC would not be in power today.


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