Spread the word on breast cancer

We echo the call made by North West Premier Thandi Modise for men to undergo screening and testing for breast cancer.

The disease is much more prevalent among women, and awareness campaigns have been very successful in making them aware of the importance of screening and testing.

Some men may however have the impression that breast cancer only afflicts women, and this can prevent them from seeking proper medical attention when they discover a breast lump.

As Modise pointed out, “research has shown that men who develop a breast lump delay seeing their doctor longer than a comparable woman with similar symptoms”.

This call should also serve as a reminder of the importance of all forms of cancer screening.

Skin, prostate and colon cancer are just some of the other cancers where early detection can make a huge difference in terms of prognosis.

Speak to a medical professional to find out if you are in a risk group for developing one of these conditions, and urge your loved ones and friends to do the same.


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