US and Russia cold over Ukraine

The situation in Ukraine has been spiralling ever further out of control since the removal of President Viktor Yanukovych and his exile to Russia.

Russia’s Parliament passed a resolution  at the weekend approving an invasion of Ukraine in order to “protect the interests” of Russia, as President Vladimir Putin put it during a phone call with Barack Obama at the weekend.

The US president reportedly warned Putin that there would be consequences if Russia invaded its Eastern European neighbour.But he may be forgiven for not pu ing too much stock in Obama’s warning; the Syrian crisis gave Putin a very good idea of just how seriously he should take Washington’s threats about crossing so-called red lines.

The Western media has also been far too eager to paint the revolution only in a positive light and as a re-action to rampant corruption, ignoring the dangerous fascist groups that helped make it possible.

Whatever happens next in this volatile area will have long-term consequences not only for the region but for the balance of power between Russia and the West, as the world seems set for a new American-Russian cold war.


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