An inescapable sense of injustice

Given the level of public scrutiny, there can be little doubt the so-called Waterkloof Four fulfilled all the legal requirements before their release on parole.

Readers will recall the outrage that greeted an earlier parole concession for two of them.

Reinach Tiedt and Gert van Schalkwyk were bundled back into prison after a public outcry.

But if their freedom this time is above board there is an inescapable sense of injustice. Along with Christoff Bekker and Frikke du Preez they killed a homeless, harmless man, beating him to death.

Now, after serving less than half their sentence, the four walk out of jail to a heroes’ welcome.

Looking like pampered models and gym bunnies rather than hard-done-by convicts, they sustained the impression that they have received special treatment all along.

Their public image is not helped by the apparent lack of remorse. Indeed there were hints of bravado instead. Not all the vitriol heaped upon the four by social media critics is justified.

However, there is an impression that their relative wealth played to their advantage.

Once again, people are rightly asking if we are really all equal before the law.

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today in print