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DA city councillor for Joburg Martin Williams

DA city councillor for Joburg Martin Williams

Things are hectic here at the office as we prepare for tomorrow’s re-launch of The Citizen.

Although your favourite newspaper has undergone redesigns in its 37 years, there’s been nothing on the scale of what we are now doing.

It’s a complete rethink rather than a simple redesign.

We’re doing it because the demands of readers have changed in the modern era. We want to ensure we bring you the best possible selection of up-to-date news and information, opinion, sports, entertainment, motoring, horseracing and all the other great things that make up a newspaper.

One big difference is that we’ll be embracing what media guru Mario Garcia calls the media quartet. That means you’ll be able to get the best of your Citizen in print, on your cellphone, tablet or computer screen.
Some folk of my generation may ask, what’s a “tablet”? It’s an iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab or similar, which has a larger screen than a cellphone. They are great. For further explanation, ask someone younger.

Each of these “platforms” has its time and place, and I hope you’ll explore them all to work out what suits your lifestyle.

In some countries people use all four in the course of a day. For example, before getting out of bed you might reach for your phone to check the new Citizen website, which will adapt to the size of your screen.

Over breakfast you might browse through the print edition, which you could also take to work for further reading.

At the office you could check out a fuller version of The Citizen website on your computer, while your tablet could come in handy at any time.
The print edition will look quite different in a pleasing, useful way. It will be easier to navigate, to find your way.
Special colour coding will help you.

In all the sections there will be new content, displayed in a more user-friendly way. We’ll also be making more use of infographics, to help our storytellers explain the issues.

You are the most important ingredient in all this. We want you to enjoy your Citizen, to look forward to it every day. Without you there is no story, no Citizen. Come with us, join us on the journey into the future.

Keep taking the tabloid – on your tablet and elsewhere.


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