Over-promising and under-achieving

The wifey and I are simply not movie people, as she puts it.

Even when we try and venture out to our local cinema or to watch a film on the telly, it usually ends up with us asking how we can get back the time it took to sit through the production.

This past weekend we were duped into thinking that a movie would be funny, purely based on the film’s trailer. Of course, you probably know that executive producers and directors only select the best scenes of any film and leave out the rest of the junk, just so that we can watch the film.

Exploding airbags and epic fraternity parties were promised in the trailer but what was not indicated is what happens for the rest of the film: zzzz. Let us say that Bad Neighbours left a sour taste in our collective mouths, but also started a train of thought that includes Heyneke Meyer and SA rugby fans.

Trailers over-promise and then the film they are promoting tends to under-perform, leaving audiences thinking how they were duped into buying a movie ticket, popcorn and a soda, yet again.

Our first Rugby World Cup (RWC) match saw the entire nation in shock as we suffered a defeat at the hands of the Japanese, something that not a single sangoma could have predicted. Then we annihilated Samoa and all of a sudden the reports that are coming out of the SA camp are that we are in the knock-out phase of the competition, even if we lose to the Scottish in our next match. Before we forget what it feels like to be at the receiving end of a royal thumping, let us heed the warning of over-promising and then under-performing.

Quite frankly, I do not think that – as a sport-loving nation – we can take another disappointment at a discipline where we are one of the best. I am not talking about hoping for a gold medal in the freestyle skiing at the Olympics, when we hardly have snow here in South Africa. I am talking about a sport whose most prominent outing we have won twice. With talks about how the fans need to relax as die manne have “practically” made it to the quarter-finals, I fear we are over-promising and are praying we do not under-perform.

Remember how in 1999 we lost the cricket World Cup semi-final match to Australia, just when we were sure we were in the final? Remember how ecstatic we were in 2012 when Simphiwe Tshabalala scored a cracker against Donald Trump’s favourite country, Mexico, only for the match to end off in a draw?

We have all seen this trailer before and know how the movie ends. Let us not keep making the same mistake over and over again. Please.