If only we were all coloured

This weekend my family and I attended the Capitec Colour Run in Johannesburg and after this experience, I am convinced it would have been a good thing if all of us were coloured.

I do not need to tell you that each day the issue of racism rears its head in all sorts of places, where people are judged purely on the colour of their skin, something that should never ever happen anywhere.

For once, there was no difference between black, white, Indian and any other race while we all lined up at the Roosevelt High School to kick off the run. We were all covered in an array of coloured powder and this meant, at that stage, we could all tick “Coloured” had they asked us to fill in those pesky forms that ask you for your demographic classification.

More than once we have seen how sports such as soccer, cricket, and to a certain rugby, help us to come together as a nation. This was the case with the Colour Run as we all seemed to forget what was underneath all that powder, and we concentrated on having a really good time. Think of it as the Comrades Marathon where you help whoever needs it, but minus the crying and alleged doping.

For a glorious five kilometres, it did not matter that the person next to you was different, because they were not. We all had the same aspirations of just finishing the run, as five kilometres can be a mountain to climb if you are as unfit as I am. As a coloured nation, we all joked about removing our front teeth, how much snoek would be at the finish line. I am surprised no one asked if we all came from Cape Town.

To me – and probably you as well – it seems that most of our efforts should be invested in such nation-building activities, as we all benefit at the end of the day. So it makes sense that the department of sports and recreation be given even more money to carry on the great work that they are doing.

I am glad to report that earlier this year as well, I had the same experience at the Johannesburg Freedom Ride, and I cannot wait for the next one, where we will all be one.