Pass the Kool-Aid, please

Arrogance or stupidity, you decide bae.

“To my bae. I totes love you. You’re amazeballs.”

Seeing something like this on Facebook or Twitter makes me want to suggest mass suicide as there is clearly no hope for the human race.


It’s not a place where a ship docks, or something a dog does at the moon.

It’s the hip version of the word babe. Apparently saying the second ‘b’ sound is far too much effort for today’s cool kids.

Since we turned into bionic-thumbed texters, a lot of words have become much shorter. It makes sense – Twitter only allows for a certain amount of characters after all. But bae? This one is just plain annoying.

I’ve never really loved the idea of being called babe. Perhaps it’s because, being Jewish, I have some kind of subconscious aversion to a pet name that brings to mind a cuddly pig. Okay that’s a bit of a stretch, but I’d rather be called babe than “bae”.

I’d like to blame youthful ignorance saying stupid things like “lolsies” instead of actually laughing, but it’s not just young folks who seem to have lost all sense of intelligence.

A few weeks ago, a lion decided to give a very graphic demonstration to a tourist at the lion park on the importance of rolling up your windows. A few weeks later, a leopard was killed after it decided to try and snack on a tour guide. This leopard was already in a bad way, and yet someone thought “hey, let’s bother a wild animal while it’s sick.”

Fast forward a week and you see snaps on Facebook of two lions taking down a kudu between cars at Kruger. Look a little closer and you see some people in the pics are poking their heads out their car windows.

The only answer I have for this is pass the poison Kool-Aid, it’s mass suicide time.

I’m no genius, but I think the overall message from the recent animal attacks is: “big cats, big pointy teeth, wild, eat you, grrrr”.

Perhaps it’s arrogance that makes people think they are “above” wild animals. Maybe we all have the mentality of “my bionic opposable thumb” beats all other species.

Which brings me back to our bae-loving, LOL-sprouting, text-speak-punting younger generation. Is speaking a language that makes you sound stupid cool? Are you above whole words?

Call me a grammar Nazi, or a nerd, or an archaic over-30 if you like, I hate the word bae.

It’s like so annoying, and I’m totes traums when I hear it. Lolsies.

Did that make me sound clever? I rest my case.

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