Fransman belongs in jail

This column is a plea to the African National Congress to desist from stoking the flames of anarchy.

Inspiring those who disagree with the ruling party, to violate the rule of law with wanton violence, will reap consequences for the country that will soon become uncontainable.

Marikana was one such national disaster.

The ruckus on the opening day of parliament was another, witnessed by the entire international community with shame and disgust.

No sooner had we recovered from that spectacle, with the speaker and opposition members apologising to each other, when Marius Fransman and his followers obstructed the Western Cape provincial opening of parliament.

Surely when the ANC allows its members to undermine our constitutional democracy, by using the minstrels as its shock troops, it embeds practices in the social fabric of the nation that will become second nature.

This is unacceptable and time people make their voices heard, no longer tolerating such lawlessness and demand the arrest of politicians who sweep up unrest for their own personal gain.

Firstly, Marius Fransman should be in jail for allegedly appropriating National Lottery funds for the minstrels for party political purposes.

Recruiting them to perform at the ANC’s 103rd birthday is one of his most desperate attempts to hijack a cultural movement for his own political ambitions.

Clearly, some minstrel leaders benefited more than others from the loot, rewarded for fulfilling Fransman’s agenda to destroy the Democratic Alliance in the Western Cape, regardless of the tactics used.

Secondly, to disrupt the provincial opening of parliament hot on the heels of a disastrous opening of the national parliament shows how self-destructive the ANC is.

They simply do not give a jot about the negative repercussions such behaviour has for our image at home and abroad.

The ANC no longer cares whether they repel foreign direct investment, job creation and tourism.

More importantly, as a party, they exude a lack of self-respect that pulls them deeper and deeper into a quagmire of self-destruction.

Thirdly, and most disturbingly, Fransman has absolutely no qualms about using a cultural institution of the coloured people for political reasons, thus dividing them along party political lines rather than supporting them in order to promote and enhance social cohesion.

The minstrels are unique to the Western Cape and enjoyed by all South Africans and tourists alike.

Fourthly, the lower Fransman sinks in his party’s estimation, the more he resorts to desperate measures.

If he cannot get a ministerial post, then he shall take us all in the Western Cape down with him.

Just because the City of Cape Town supports the minstrels, as it does the Jazz Festival, the Cape Philharmonic and other events, Fransman used this pageant to undermine the city’s support of an institution that has derived much of their funds from the city for decades.

To use National Lottery funds to undercut the support given by the city plays into the basest instincts of the factions and leadership of the minstrels, not to speak of the ANC’s political factions in the Western Cape.

This is the lowest Fransman can go. He knows if you want to “give back” the Western Cape to the ANC you can use any tactic possible to prove deep loyalty to the party, even if it means betraying the very people you grew up with and destroying age-old institutions.


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