Game changers forcibly model our lives for us

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When it comes to compiling a list of game changers, there a number of names that you simply cannot leave out in certain circles.

In global politics the basketball-playing, selfie-taking Barack Obama has to be one of them. In the world of modern technology that has revolutionised the way all of us live, Steve Jobs has to be on top of that pile of balding geeks. And of course our very own Mandela is in a league of his own when it comes to reconciliation, philanthropy, weird shirts and that frog in the throat voice.

Game changers are considered to be people or newly introduced elements or factors that significantly change the status quo. Of course when we stick to a more localised list there are the likes of Joseph Mathunjwa, Julius Malema and Jonathan Shapiro, Farial Haffajee, Winnie Mandela and Thuli Madonsela, but I have recently learnt that there is a factor that lives among us that we often overlook when it comes to being revolutionary.

Winter is the only season that has people rethinking their lives completely, as it creeps up on us and ends up dominating everything. People’s routines completely change to accommodate this influential force that goes about its business quietly. I have noticed how less and less people attend gym during this time of the year, because they dare not touch freezing equipment.

Ladies opt to squat instead of getting their tushes cold on toilet seats and guys forego shaving hair just to retain what little body heat they have. As someone who works in Joburg’s CBD, I even witnessed what was supposed to be a well-attended strike fizzle out and be left with just a handful of protesters, all because it was just too cold. (Now we know a possible solution to all the strike action in our country.)

Just when I had thought I had seen it all, the love of my life took things to the next level this week by sleeping in her gown. Now I’ve seen it all!

Winter is even wreaking havoc with the ruling party’s approval ratings, as Zandspruit residents this week expressed their regret in voting for an insensitive party that threw them out into the cold, after they had illegally occupied land. Someone must have thought that even the apartheid government implemented the Group Areas Act of forcibly removing residents and relocating them in warmer weather? Just a thought.

It is so cold that surely even the EFF is reconsidering their parliamentary attire, as overalls and so-called domestic workers’ uniforms cannot be the warmest regalia they can wear.

My advice during this chilly season can be summed by the following sentence: online shopping, soup and pay your child maintenance – as it will keep you warm and fuzzy inside.


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