Money is not the root of all evil

Money talks – we all know that. A few admit it openly. I heard someone tell her son that money is not everything and the poor child believed that.

Hopefully as he grows up he’ll realise that without money, there is not much a person can do. There is no reason to make a child believe they must never pursue the goal to have enough money to live comfortably.

The same people who believe money is not everything are the ones who keep admiring other people’s cars, houses, clothes and easy lifestyles. If money is not everything, then don’t work and don’t buy food. Let us see how long you will survive.

Money is important. We live and dream of bigger things in life and the only way to achieve them is to make good money.

Having money is not evil; the bad things people do with money are evil. Growing up, I remember being told by a pastor that money makes people change for the worst, yet the same pastor had more creature comforts than many people in the church.

Clearly he did not believe what he said.

With petrol price climbing up to R14.33 per litre and diesel at R12.90 per litre, tell someone who has run out of petrol and only has R50 in their pocket that money is not everything.

Money is everything; many of us want it by the hundreds of thousands, even millions. Without money you will never take your family on holiday, put your children through the best schools, or have the best of life.

A lot of us tune into Top Billing every Thursday and salivate at other people’s homes. What is so bad about money if it can give you the things you need and more?

The advice we should give each other is not that “money is not everything”. It should rather be, “Work hard and have all the money you need and use it to change your life, your family’s life and the lives of some disadvantaged people in your community”.

If you have children and they ask for something that you can’t afford, would you still believe money is not everything?

Money rules, but pray for the wisdom to use it wisely.


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