You can bank on B&B

Here’s a business tip for you: B&B is the way to go. I’m not suggesting you set up a bed and breakfast establishment. A better investment would be Buckles and bridge.

They’re immensely popular. That B&B combination has been uppermost in our minds this past week.

For those of you who don’t know, Buckles is the name of a regular cartoon strip in The Citizen. Along with the regular bridge column, Buckles was dumped last week when we relaunched with a new-look Citizen. That seems to have been a mistake, we gather. Although there have been showers of praise since that eventful Thursday, B&B have topped the list of complaints about the revamped product.

Most of you seem to like the new look, including our new off offerings in the rest of the media quartet, which includes cellphone, tablet and normal computer screen coverage. This is encouraging.

To all those who have sent in e-mail or SMSs, or have phoned: thank you for taking the time to do so. It is heartening to see such passion
about The Citizen, even from detractors. It’s your paper and you are letting us know in no uncertain terms how you feel. For us it is humbling and sobering to be reminded of what’s important to you.

We spend a lot of time thinking deeply about what might be the most important issues of the day, how these should be presented, what words and images would be most appropriate, and so on. We go the extra mile and bring in world famous consultants. We spend ages tinkering with a new
design, all in order to bring you a better product. And then a large number of you respond by clamouring: “Hey! Where’s Buckles? Where’s my

That brings us back to earth with a bump.

We hear you loud and clear. On the matter of Buckles I am doubly guilty. As many of you have pointed out, Buckles was dropped the
last time we had a redesign and you mounted a petition to bring it back. How stupid of me to have forgotten. We are taking careful note of
all your observations, which of course go way beyond B&B. Give us a few weeks, we’ll be making further adjustments. You can bet
on B&B returning.

Thank you.


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