Be happy with what you’ve achieved

Thamsanqa Mkwanazi.

Thamsanqa Mkwanazi.

I know there are hundreds of phrases that were coined, 1000s of memes created, and churches even sing a song called ‘Never Give Up’, but I give up.

Just when I think have achieved something or have attained a certain level, the goalposts get moved. I really give up.

I was in the fortunate position of flying business class – thanks to my employer – and I really thought I was not doing too badly. Expensive chinaware, a wet cloth to wipe my hands before eating and the option of more than just chicken or beef were all part of the package on this flight – and I was happy, for a while. This all changed when I “mistakenly” got lost and ended up in the First Class cabin.

All of a sudden my fully reclining chair seemed inadequate to the bed that was offered there, and I found the ample legroom in business class inadequate to the personal space that those who fly in first class enjoy. These few literally have pods to themselves, where they are so removed from the rest of us, they might as well be flying alone. In fact, I am convinced these ladies and gentlemen have so much space up there they must have a neighbourhood watch of some sort.

I had a similar experience when I was educated about the difference between what I own i.e. watches that tell time and timepieces. The things that hang on my wrist were proven to be mere artifacts, as they did not stand a chance against the much more expensive artists’ offerings I was looking at.

For starters, I could not even touch the timepieces without wearing a special glove. (Of course, I immediately asked how the wealthy buyers wear these things, if prospective buyers cannot even touch them.) After looking like Michael Jackson, I was shown a personalised jacket. Yup, this jacket is made for you, and you receive it with your name embroided on the inside pocket. It was so expensive it equalled a month’s bond payment for us mere mortals.

In life, we have to get to a point where we are happy with what we have achieved, and then realise that comparing it with what others have will never be a good idea. Archbishop Tutu seems to be suffering from this, as he has been vocal when it comes to how he should bow out in his old age. Just because some people die in their sleep and leave us peacefully does not mean we should all demand assisted suicide.

Some of us will fly in economy, some in business and some, just some will fly in first class, but you know what: we will all end up at the same place, so chill, it’s okay!

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