A day of love, a day of death

February 14 is a day of love for those who choose to believe in it.

Personally, Valentine’s Day has little appeal, as I want a Valentine’s Day feeling on a daily basis.

On the morning of Valentine’s Day of 2013, the world was caught off guard by news that icon and paralympic star Oscar Pistorius had shot and killed his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.

Fans of Pistorius were traumatised by the news.

A man who had conquered a disability and inspired many people was at his most fragile.

For the families of Pistorius and Steenkamp, Valentine’s just took on a whole new meaning.

It was reported that Steenkamp’s mother and other relatives of the deceased will attend the trial of Pistorius when it begins next month.

As a parent I cannot begin to imagine what Steenkamp’s family is going through.

To lose a child at the hands of the person she was dating must be traumatising.

On the other hand, we will get to hear the whole story once court proceedings begin. Some people are convinced that Pistorius shot and killed Steenkamp by mistake.

If that is true, then Pistorius is in total hell emotionally and mentally on February 14.

He will keep going back and forth over last year’s events, trying to make sense of everything.

By law Pistorius is innocent until proven guilty.

So it will be interesting to hear more of what he will have to say in court.

Unfortunately though, Steenkamp can not tell her side of the story anymore.

Her friends, family, lawyers and the evidence will speak for her. And hopefully the truth will come out in the end.

The Pistorius story is a tragic one. No matter what the outcome of the trial is, he will always relive the day he, intentionally or unintentionally, pulled the trigger and took a life.

March will be one of the many testing timed in the history of the South African justice system.

It will be worth noting if celebrity and money will influence the courts or justice will triumph.

A young woman with a promising future died, and a man loved and held in high regard by some is yet to fight for his freedom.

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