Where will Ramphele jump next?

Well, Mamphela Ramphele has finally given in – whether through desperation or wisdom, who knows?

All we know is that Ramphele is jumping from one ship to another. One moment she is sternly reminding South Africans of the reasons why they must jump onto the AgangSA ship. When a few brave souls decide to support her, she “integrates” the party with the Democratic Alliance (DA).

There is something that does not say “politician” about Ramphele’s voice. She sounds like a school principal delivering a stern warning to any pupils who dare step out of the principal’s set.

The DA was comical enough, with leader Helen Zille pushing forward DA parliamentary leader Lindiwe Mazibuko and DA Gauteng premier candidate Mmusi Maimane as the faces of the party.

With Ramphele in the picture I am sure some DA members will soon shift uncomfortably in their seats.

Of course African National Congress (ANC) secretary-general Gwede Mantashe had to find choice words to describe the DA and Agang marriage.

He was quoted saying Agang was a “stillborn party” and that the DA’s choice in using Ramphele as its candidate for president is merely a “rent-a-black, rent a leader” approach.

A very cynical remark. On the other hand, Mamphela Ramphele’s view of the ANC is that the party is “morally bankrupt” and lacks “visionary leadership”.

I would not be surprised if Ramphele does a full circle and one day joins the ANC.

The party-hopping she is doing is a sign that she is not sure where she must be. It would be interesting to see if the ANC would embrace her, were that to happen.

In the meantime, Helen Zille said Ramphele is the best choice. Will she still be saying that when the two of them clash? Because at some point Helen Zille and Mamphela Ramphele’s personalities will clash.

The DA has been accused of using black people as window dressing. Ramphele has a great business profile, but is not politically convincing.

Imagine Mamphela Ramphele as the president of South Africa. Now, I can see some people looking for their passports and planning to move overseas.

Well, rest assured, it might not happen in our lifetime.


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