Let’s hear it for South Africa

Sibusiso Mkhwanazi

Sibusiso Mkhwanazi

Bafana Bafana’s Cosafa Cup win, Black Coffee doing his thing and a highly successful BET Awards – let’s cheer our compatriots on!

What a weekend it was as South Africans shone in all spheres. Our athletes did us proud on the track as they represented us at the recently concluded African Championships, DJ Black Coffee won a BET Award, and the cherry on top was Bafana Bafana wining the Cosafa Cup. We also walked off with the top awards in six categories, including Sportsperson of the Year, Team of the Year, and Coach of the Year at the inaugural Regional Annual Sports Awards, held in Boksburg on Saturday.

It is imperative that we celebrate these victories with as much vigour as we would if we were not bringing home trophies and medals. As soon as we fail, then someone comes up with a catchy hashtag on Twitter. All I ask is that we be fair and do the exact same thing when South Africans excel.

I also ask that when we have no idea what it is that we are doing, we also acknowledge it and say so. Maybe someone else who can do a better job than us can be given a chance. Look at David Cameron for instance, who – in my humble opinion – decided to step down as British prime minister when the Brits decided to exit the European Union.

He did as much as he could to try and avoid the Brexit, but since this did not go down the way he thought it would, he has eaten humble pie and will bid Downing Street farewell very soon. Now, let us shift our focus to our local guys and gals.

We have a No 1 who, by now, should have realised that he is not the best person for the job, and stepped down. Luckily, him and his larger-than-usual family will be fine, as he gets to keep his perks for life. Then, in a bizarre scenario, we have a public protector who has done a stellar job in the past seven years, and she is not eligible for a second term. How does that work?

Just as much as someone should step down when they are not cutting it, so it should be with someone who is hitting all the marks – why can they not be asked to stay on longer? Think back to Larry King, Oprah Winfrey and Riaan Cruywagen, who all overstayed their welcome, but with very good reasons: they were excelling.

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