A case for proper polygamy?

Cliff Buchler.

Cliff Buchler.

There’s one religious fraternity in the US still actively engaged in polygamy.

Despite being against the law and societal norms, they’ve never been charged. One reason they’ve been left in peace is that, save for bed-hopping (a harmless exercise to outsiders), they’re an honest, hard-working lot who stay out of trouble.

And, according to a writer who researched the group, wives are carefully selected, each with a particular expertise. Among them is a cook, or seamstress, or cheesemaker, or teacher. Not all are partial to bedtime stories all the time – thus giving the husband enough breathing space and energy to tackle the multitudinous tasks called for in a community having to survive on its own steam.

Farming, with its attendant heavy toil and hardships, is a major contributor. Surprisingly, family planning is a top priority when it comes to the number of children in each family. How many can they cope with? How many can they financially afford to feed and educate? How many can comfortably be housed in the available space? Sexual restraint and discipline are called for, so hubby can’t let rip when the mood takes him.

In a nutshell: a balanced lifestyle that flies in the face of critics who fail to see the serious shortcomings in their own so-called normal societies. The words rape, murder, and robbery are not part of the vocabulary – no wonder the absence of law enforcement.

This can’t be said for polygamy SA style. Here the husband dictates terms as to the number of wives he wants, and couldn’t care a fig about how many children are born. In fact, he measures his masculinity and sexual prowess by the number of children each wife conceives. Oh, and in a particular case, presidential privilege means the taxpayer picks up the bill for the whole shebang – including the kids’ education.

Not a cent is generated in the home, not a finger is raised to bring down the massive cost. And the husband is a known flirt and has had extra-marital relationships with younger women totally divorced from his family circle. Evidently a tribal thing. To compare the two cases. The word “clean” fairly describes the former.

Not even a long shower can do a proper cleansing job of the latter.


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