Well done SA advertising industry

Sibusiso Mkhwanazi

Sibusiso Mkhwanazi

DSTV is yet another one that simply keeps getting it spot on.

Well done! That hearty message is directed at our creatives who have realised just how dynamic South African media consumers are. I am talking about the single language adverts that are currently on our screens.

Remember back in the days when the advertising agencies and their clients were walking on eggshells around us, not trying to offend anyone? Those were the bad old days of the same advert being flighted with different families from different races?

So you would be watching your favourite TV show and then an ad for milk would appear, with a black family, and you would be fine with it. Then as part of the next batch of commercials, the same advert would make its way on screen, this time with a white family. I know this is a form of job- creation, but come on, that is just as pathetic as people who litter using the very same lame excuse.

As grown-ass South Africans, we understand that we are as clichéd as they come: a melting point of culture, languages and backgrounds. It is only when these creatives tap into these that they come up with engaging adverts that have all of us reacting in some or other way.

Take the Wimpy “die wors” commercial, cleverly playing on the word “divorce” that had the nation laughing all the way to their outlets. Even with various tertiary institutions going through much-needed language reforms, we all understood the advert.

DSTV is yet another one that simply keeps getting it spot on. There has been a notion that there are certain TV shows that are only watched by certain demographics, and the adverts during these shows have been aimed squarely at these audiences. In other words, during my favourite show ‘n Boer Soek ‘n Vrou, the adverts would only be for Afrikaans people. This is no longer the case, as I witnessed over the weekend.

I was watching what would typically be labelled as a show for white people, when DSTV had an entire advert in isiZulu, promoting their Explorer decoder.  With the positive steps that we keep taking as a nation, we are for example getting more and more black farmers and an increasing number of white rappers.

As I mentioned before, we are grown-ass South Africans and we can handle whatever comes our way, as a united nation. We are all extremely proud of our heritage and this is something we should be celebrating more, and not side-stepping around.


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