Siwela’s Pencil

Siwela’s cartoons have been enjoyed by readers of The Citizen since he joined the newspaper in 2011. Find out more about him as you browse through some of his work.

Humble beginnings as a sign writer, portrait artist and painter, Durban-born Siwela joined Andy Mason’s Artworks Publishing company in the early 2000’s, taking on agency and illustration work. This led to him delving into the world of cartooning and, mentored by Mason and Nanda Soobben, he because part of the ‘Durban Cartoon Project’.

Part of a new wave of local talent being nurtured by the Project’s founders, Siwela went on to work at well known magazine, Bona, and became a regular contributor for Mamba Comix, an underground publication started by Mason.

He has attended festivals around the world, and has participated in international skills exchange tours, which helped him hone his political cartooning skill set.

In 2011, Siwela joined The Citizen. His work, easily identified by it’s clean lines and bright colours, stands out among the pages of The Citizen, making it a beloved featured enjoyed by loyal readers and ‘first timers’ alike.

This is an online exhibition of his work, enjoy.