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12 Jan 2016
3:00 pm

Road rules must always be enforced

Traffic law enforcement in this country leaves much to be desired.

The scene of the accident that happened between the Nyl plaza and Kranskop in Limpopo. Picture: Tshepiso Mabula

Official figures of the road death toll are expected to be released today and indications are that the numbers are higher than the previous year’s as many holidaymakers must still return home.

So far, more than 1 000 South Africans have lost their lives since December 1 , 2015 in more than 1 500 accidents. While most of the accidents are attributable to recklessness on the part of drivers, authorities also have their share of blame to shoulder. Traffic law enforcement in this country leaves much to be desired.

It is this lack of and, in some cases, total absence of enforcement that leads to total disregard of traffic laws by many a motorist. It defies logic to expect road users to obey laws during Easter and the festive season while they are allowed to do as they please on the roads during the rest of the year.

Until there’s rigorous and consistent traffic law enforcement, the blood flowing on our roads will never stop. The sad reality is that the billions of rands that accidents cost the SA economy annually, could have been channelled to other pressing needs, such as tertiary education and our ailing public health system.