1 minute read
11 Nov 2013
6:22 am

The DA is tainting its own image


The ANC isn’t the only party experiencing image management problems.

The DA voted in support of BEE in Parliament, only to soon thereafter explain that it was all a huge mistake – MPs should not have voted for the Bill in question in its current form.

With confusion reigning, leader Helen Zille released a statement trying to explain the DA position: it supported BEE, but not how it was being implemented by the ANC.

At this point the average voter must be quite confused. And confusion among voters regarding your position on critical issues is not what a party wants just months before a general election.

With the storm around the BEE issue still raging, more bad publicity came the DA’s way. It was revealed that the party had decided to keep its candidates’ list secret to protect people worried about being victimised if their support for the DA became public. Some funders would also remain anonymous, as they were doing business with government.

These may be legitimate concerns, but what impression does this leave on voters? Definitely not a positive one.