Andrew Kenny
2 minute read
5 Nov 2013
8:00 am

Helen Zille has a huge problem

Andrew Kenny

The people of the Western Cape have sinned by voting for the DA, and must be punished.

Andrew Kenny.

This was the message of the ANC-led rioters who rampaged through the centre of Cape Town last Wednesday, smashing windows, looting, attacking hawkers, robbing poor people and stopping all business.

It was also the message of the ANC supporters who shouted down Helen Zille in Saldanha Bay at the opening of its Industrial Development Zone (IDZ) on Thursday.

Last year the ANC Youth League said it would make Cape Town ungovernable. Last week it set about doing just that.

The violent mob the ANC unleashed on Cape Town had two enemies. One was Helen Zille, who was the democratically elected mayor of Cape Town and is now the democratically elected Premier of the Western Cape. The other enemy was people from the rest of Africa.

Cape Town has the reputation of being friendly to poor black people and so they come to it from thousands of kilometres away – from the DRC, Malawi, Somalia and, of course, Zimbabwe – fleeing from the oppression of Robert Mugabe to the benign rule of Zille.

These African people, running their little stalls in the centre of Cape Town, were the targets of the ANC mob’s hatred.

At Saldanha Bay, which has a Democratic Alliance municipality, President Zuma and Zille shared the stage to launch the IDZ. The ANC bussed in large numbers of its supporters.

When Zille rose to speak, they howled her down. Zuma did nothing.

Zille has a huge problem. The more she improves the welfare of black people, the louder she will be denounced as a racist. ANC supporters move in large numbers from the Eastern Cape, ruled by the ANC, to the Western Cape, ruled by the DA.

This is because they get better housing, education, sanitation, other services and job prospects in the Western Cape than the Eastern.

But, once they arrive, they vote ANC and some of them start shouting at Zille as a racist. If Zille gave every ANC family from the Eastern Cape a mansion to live in, she would be vilified and compared with Hendrik Verwoerd.

If she supplied gold taps in the bathrooms, she would be worse than Adolf Hitler.