Yadhana Jadoo
Political Editor
2 minute read
17 Jul 2015
6:00 am

Give… your heart will blossom

Yadhana Jadoo

Mandela Day will be observed tomorrow, where the world will be asked to offer 67 minutes of their time to those less fortunate.

Why is this day important? It is because Madiba had the unique ability to mobilise people of all walks of life. It is with his spirit, and in appreciation of his selflessness, that we should collectively acknowledge this day, for maybe never again will we experience the grace and goodwill of another Nelson Mandela.

We all know the saying: “Do good, and good will come to you.” But this should not be the only reason for giving. Generosity should be something that is instilled with us from a young age.

It should come as second nature to you – it is the only way for a society filled with greed and gluttony in all aspects of things – to find some sort of way forward.

Teaching your children the simple act of sharing could result in a wonderful thing… a person who is eventually shaped into a benevolent human being.

In Sanskrit, the word “Seva” means the act of selfless service – to give without the intention of receiving anything in return. When you give selflessly, you become tranquil and controlled within yourself.

Seva should come with every action and interaction that we have. Whichever faith you may or may not follow, it assists in spiritual growth and contributes in the bigger scheme to the improvement of the community.

Doing good will make you smile – it is nothing but self-rewarding, even more so than your huge house or flashy new sports car. Ask yourself: “How can I be useful and give to this world?”.

Be imaginative and creative in the answer to yourself… your heart will start blossoming, and you will forget to ask: “What about me?”. It is when we keep asking this question that turmoil in the mind is created – and it does not really help any situation at all.

It is with the clear view of selflessness within one’s self – without the expectation of receiving – that Mandela Day should be carried out. And as called for by the Nelson Mandela Foundation – Mandela Day should be every single day. Give, love, serve… function.