Nokuthula Sonile
1 minute read
12 Feb 2015
6:50 am

The art of the ‘open’ letter

Nokuthula Sonile

If all politicians had a sense of humour like that of Gayton McKenzie, we would be entertained on a daily basis.

McKenzie’s open letter, titled “Thug to Thug”, and addressed to EFF “Conmander-in-Chief” Julius Malema, was apparently written with the intention of reminding Malema to not throw stones. After all, he lives in a glass house.

In the letter, McKenzie accuses Malema of taking the moral high ground on political topics, among them the role of the family. But – thug to thug, as he says – they are both soiled by a past of jaw-dropping dodginess.

McKenzie’s letter to Malema is clever and confidently written, and also a little threatening. It confirms certain rumours that have been floating around with regard to the EFF.

However, Julius Malema has chosen to stick to his “theory of pigs” and refused to comment on the allegations made in the letter.

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