1 minute read
7 Feb 2015
6:00 am

Shame of Guinean soccer violence

There is just one word to describe Thursday's crowd thuggery that irreparably scarred the face of the 2015 Africa Cup of Nations at the 15 000-seater Estadio de Malabo in Equatorial Guinea ... scandalous.

It is also deeply disturbing the abrupt end, eight minutes from regulation time in the violence-marred semifinal encounter, came from the followers – it is impossible to dignify calling the rabble on the terraces fans – of hosts Equatorial Guinea and was directed at the Black Stars of Ghana and their supporters.

The match was held up for 35 minutes as home fans pelted players and Ghanaian fans in the crowd with missiles, forcing police to wade in with batons and teargas to shield cowering spectators who bore the brunt of the shower of objects before play resumed and Gabonese referee Eric Otogo wisely decided to call a premature end to the shambolic proceedings.

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