Gwynne Dyer
1 minute read
6 Oct 2014
6:00 am

Hong Kong: Xi’s choice

Gwynne Dyer

The crowds of protesters in the streets of Hong Kong continue to grow. The police are already using tear gas, pepper spray and rubber bullets. It's not exactly Armageddon, but it's the most serious organised protest China has seen since the pro-democracy movement on Tienanmen Square was drowned in blood 25 years ago.

Gwynne Dyer

Hong Kong isn’t exactly China, of course, in the sense that it doesn’t live under the same arbitrary dictatorship as the rest of the country. While it has been under the ultimate control of the Communist regime in Beijing since Britain handed the territory back to China in 1997, the deal London made before the handover guaranteed Hong Kong’s existing social system – including freedom of speech and the rule of law – for another 50 years.

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