Hagen Engler
4 minute read
7 Nov 2019
6:41 pm

My journey to, maybe, one day proudly wearing a Bok jersey again

Hagen Engler

Saturday's Rugby World Cup win ended with me fighting an internal battle about the happiness I still felt embarrassed to show.

Hagen Engler.

I am so old that I have watched South Africa win three Rugby World Cups. And not on my father’s knee, either. I was already old enough to hit a warehouse rave in a pith helmet after our debut victory in 1995. I was certainly still of age when we returned to the podium of glory in 2007. That time, I experienced the Bok win over England in McGregor, an Overberg hamlet where everyone is apparently on first-name terms, and can fit into one bar. The Overdraught, it’s called. This past weekend, I was again blessed to watch a Springbok...