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15 Aug 2013
9:00 am

Cadre deployment is crippling


The annual ritual of bemoaning the state of this nation's municipal finances just got worse. Mild-mannered Auditor-General Terence Nombembe was as stern as he can be in condemning the downward spiral in financial management.

South Africa has 278 municipalities, made up of eight metros, 44 district municipalities and 226 local municipalities. In addition there are another 60 “municipal entities”, giving the A-G a grand total of 338 auditees.

Noting how the overall municipal audit results have deteriorated, Nombembe pointed out that none of the eight metros obtained a clean audit. While 41 auditees improved, 50 regressed. He also pointed out that almost half of the auditees that obtained clean opinions were municipal entities, not actual municipalities.

How did things get so bad? Nombembe singled out a lack of committed leadership. He called for decisive action against political leaders and municipal officials who deliberately or negligently ignore their duties and disobey legislation.

There is a more blunt way to put it. Cadre deployment, which condones incompetence and corruption, is crippling our municipalities. All of us are in one way or another taxpayers and ratepayers. It’s money that’s being abused. We should not put up with this