Nokuthula Sonile
2 minute read
26 Jun 2014
9:00 am

Life is short

Nokuthula Sonile

When the Oscar Pistorius trial resumes on June 30, Pistorius's psychiatric evaluation report will finally be made public.

It will be a surprise if Pistorius is found to have some mental illness that could have impacted on his criminal responsibility.

He appears to be too proud, daring and quite aware of his actions.

The evaluation could prove what many suspected: that the Paralympian is of sound mind – unless a mental defect was present at the time of the shooting.

Pistorius has not attempted to play the I-am-not-fit-to-stand-trial card. All he has done is to try and tearfully show his sincere regret for the incident that took Reeva Steenkamp’s life.

But unfortunately for him, that will not be a get-out-of-jail-free card. He will answer for his actions.

It would have been helpful if there was CCTV footage of the inside of Pistorius’s home when Steenkamp was shot on February 14, 2013. That way we would all know what really happened once and for all.

As things stand, Pistorius knows the truth and it is anyone’s guess if he is telling the whole truth.

Steenkamp cannot tell her side of the story anymore; her family and friends hope that the court will arrive at the truth so they can be at peace.

The outcome of this case is one of the most anticipated judgments the world over.

If Pistorius serves a lengthy jail term some of his fans will be heartbroken – but a young lady died because of his actions, intended or not. If he walks, there will be harsh criticism of the South African justice system.

It cannot be child’s play to be a judge presiding over such a sensitive case. Whatever Judge Thokozile Masipa decides, she will rewrite the way Pistorius will be viewed for the rest of his life.

That a once-revered young man pulled the trigger and took the life of a lovely young woman he professed to love.

At the end of it all, hopefully, justice will be served.

Life is short, and the lesson from the Pistorius case is clear; never act on impulse in whatever circumstances.

The man who once made people worldwide believe that nothing is impossible is now facing all sorts of daunting possibilities with regard to his future.