Nokuthula Sonile
2 minute read
5 Jun 2014
7:00 am

Please save our children

Nokuthula Sonile

A man from Springs is accused of holding his wife and five children captive for years, according to news reports.

The children, aged between two and 16, are reportedly at a place of safety, while an 11-year-old, who was punched by the father, is staying with relatives.

What makes parents turn on their own children?

Violence and abuse should not be a concern for children, but so many of them are harassed and abused – in all forms – every day.

What satisfaction does an adult get from slapping or punching a child? What has the world turned into?

We all know there are people who do not hesitate to lift a hand to anyone. If you are the type that goes through life beating everyone, those around you should report you to the police.

No one has the right to hit a man, woman or child.

Some parents think hitting a child is effective discipline, but there is a fine line between disciplining a child and abusing him or her.

An adult who pulls back a hand to strike a toddler – or any child of any age – should ask himself or herself if any of the harsh punishments are from a place that is concerned with the child’s wellbeing. If you were beaten up and scared by your parents, does that mean you have to raise your children the same way?

This week is Child Protection Week and according to the Medical Research Council and Tears Foundation, 45% of rape cases reported to the police involve children.

If some children are not being beaten to a pulp by people who should protect them, some are being sexually violated.

If we do not focus on the rights of children, they will continuously be beaten by parents and teachers who have their own issues and are taking them out on the child.

No human being deserves to be beaten; no child should know such savage pain.

Anyone who lifts a hand to hit a child, denies them food as punishment or locks them up for days in a room should not have any parental or guardian rights over that child.

The world is harsh, but homes are not as safe as they should be.

Pretending not to see that a child is being abused will not make your life better.

Save the children.