Cliff Buchler
2 minute read
9 Apr 2014
8:00 am

Research and truth polls apart

Cliff Buchler

Amazing how much time and money is spent by so-called researchers.

Cliff Buchler.

And the subjects tackled go from the sublime to the ridiculous. How the number of people to be interviewed is arrived at is also questionable. Who says getting 22 101.3 people to answer a sometimes complex – as in puzzling – questionnaire is sufficient to arrive at an accurate assessment?

Like the recent poll that concluded the ANC was going to bag a two-thirds majority win. With the fickle nature of politics no accurate findings are possible.

People lie through their teeth because they’re either scared of the repercussions, or they’re uncertain. Or they just couldn’t care a fig. So the answers can in no way be considered an accurate representation.

Without any poll I’ll tell you, for free, the ANC is going to get a rude shock at the polls simply because the South African electorate ain’t stupid, as Bumbling Blunt Blade blabs.

I further predict that after the election Zuma will be axed and Ramaphosa and his cronies will take over. And Cyril will change Nkandla’s tuck shop into a McDonald’s franchise.

But leave it there before depression sets in. Let’s rather laugh at the comedy of research. The latest one, wait for it, found reasons for snoring.

Evidently the older you get the less you snore. Lies coming from snorers. Naturally, as an octogenarian in the making, my pride won’t allow admitting that I snore just as much as I did as a younger man. I’ll fib and say I snore less. Bang goes accurate conclusions.

And I remember clearly, after a night out with my girlfriend and returning to her home for the first time, hearing the guttural sounds reverberating down the passage leading from her folks’ bedroom.

A snoring conversation the likes I hadn’t experienced before.

The old man was reversing phlegm via the nasal cavity.

The old girl’s exhalations escaped through her mouth causing her lips to make vibrating sounds, ending in a high-pitched quivering whistle. They continued this nightly melodious duet to their dying day. So where from snoring less in old age?

For free I can tell you that snoring is caused by late dining on red meat and osbloed. By young and old alike.

Research? Zzzzzz.