1 minute read
9 Apr 2014
6:00 am

Good that Dewani is finally here


Honeymoon murder accused Shrien Dewani is finally in South Africa to face the music for his alleged role in the brutal killing of his wife Anni.

It took huge amounts of time and resources on the part of our justice department to get the Briton extradited.

Questions have been raised about the amount of money spent on pursuing Dewani, with reports yesterday estimating the costs of the chartered plane that flew him to Cape Town at R4 million. While there might be justification in questioning the costs, what cannot be disputed is that bringing the murder accused here was an absolute necessity.

It must be remembered that Anni Dewani was killed shortly after South Africa hosted the 2010 Fifa World Cup. The country spent huge amounts of money to have the event staged here amid lots of resistance from sceptics, with the country’s high crime rate being cited often. Anni’s killing, shortly after the successful hosting of this spectacle, reversed some of the gains made from hosting the World Cup.

No amount of money can quantify the reputational damage inflicted on South Africa by this senseless murder.

Our courts owe it to the world and the Hindocha family to find answers on what transpired on that fateful 2010 November night.