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9 Apr 2014
6:30 am

De Lille’s poor timing


Cape Town mayor Patricia de Lille and her party's response to DA Cape Town metro chairperson Grant Pascoe's defection to the ANC is laughable.

Pascoe caught the DA by surprise when he announced on Monday he was joining the ANC.

“As he has chosen to take this action before doing me the courtesy of informing me, I can only assume that he has chosen to find a new political home due to his inability to live up to the standards required of DA public representatives,” De Lille said. She went on to list shortcomings in Pascoe’s performance. These included not always attending meetings of the city’s political and administrative leadership, poor preparation when he did attend and poor management of the team.

“In light of the above, it is difficult to see anything beyond naked opportunism in such a once strident critic of the ANC so quickly joining them,” she said.

De Lille is right in one aspect only, and that is Pascoe’s move is undoubtedly a career-salvaging one motivated by self-interest and opportunism. But why did De Lille and the DA wait for Pascoe to dump the party before revealing his dark side? Even if the DA might be sincere in their claim that Pascoe defected because his sacking was imminent, the timing of the party’s disclosure of this information throws the DA’s honesty into question. Equally troubling is the ANC’s cheap propaganda about its latest “big” acquisition, which is nothing but a joke.

“Councillor Pascoe joins an overwhelming number of South Africans who … recognise the ANC as the only organisation with the track record, capacity and determination to build a South Africa which is united, democratic, nonracial, nonsexist and prosperous,” the ANC gloated in a statement.

The party’s track record is littered with corruption and maladministration scandals. There’s no way such a horrible performance can build a country.